About us

At Alpine Truss LLC. We have complete roof and floor truss projects ranging from multi to single family houses, we do many custom projects like garages, custom homes, commercial buildings, barns and various Agricultural buildings. We have the resources and expertise available to provide a customized engineered solution for almost any construction project.

We design and engineer our trusses with up to date Alpine Software.

How we started

Alpine Truss started its business in August of 2012. We are an employee owned company. We started building trusses in an old building with a single manually adjusted 80ft. Ag truss table, and a manually adjusted saw.

The plant had 4 employees that did every task from building trusses, customer service, selling, designing, invoicing, and delivering.

How we grew

Since then we have grown, we now have 25 employees. We have a 112ft. Ag Table, a 62ft. Automated Residential Table, a 40ft. Floor Truss Table, a state of art Automated Monet and a DeSawyer Saw.

On our roof truss tables we now have automated stackers to easier handle our trusses.


We have our own transportation department for safe, smooth and convenient delivery.

Alpine Truss today

Alpine Truss today has 30+ employees, we have become more productive by streamlining our material flow throughout our facility, we have recently upgraded our cutting capabilities by adding a DeRobo saw which has an automated feeder, it operates much faster, more accurately, and with less man power. A laser projector was added to our ag table to decrease setup time and increase precision and productivity.

We are always striving to provide you with a product that's durable, easy to install, and is being delivered at your convenience.